About Us

Mola Foods, Inc. features spices, herbs, seasonings, sauces, tea, chips and marinades with tastes and flavors from around the world with the first being Mola Chili (TM). We also feature dine-in and takeout service in our main shop at 9 Simon St., Nashua, NH. Our products are available at retail locations throughout New Hampshire and in our online store

Mission Statement

“To bring an upmarket World culture in a bottle product to adventurous eaters so they can experience diverse cuisine without needing multiple ingredients at hand. The products created by Mola Foods are natural, Non-GMO with no added preservatives or additives.


“To deliver high quality products that set us apart from the competition in taste and value as we increase our stock with new lines of products.”

Meet The Founder

Champion of African cuisine, LaFortune Jeannette Djabea is founder and president of Mola Foods and champion of African cuisine.

“I hope to create awareness about a revolutionary way of adding spices into cooking and bringing life to dishes,” says Djabea, who notes her love of food began at age 11 when she started cooking for the whole family. She was also the special taste tester for Aunt Berthe.

The business, now known as Mola Foods, Inc., started when a friend approached her with the idea to start a chili sauce company featuring Cameroonian recipes from her own heritage. Initially, she hesitated to make her passion a business but realized it was her calling. Six months into the venture; she contacted her best friend Tiffany, a professional chef, and pitched the idea to expand the line of products beyond Chili Relishes.

“I want to introduce people to my heritage and African cuisine in general,” says Djabea. When you try our products or food, you really can experience a bit of our culture, which I hope encourage people to explore more about Africa and our amazing diversity.”

Meet The Founder

We can sum our Mola values as follow:

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