Taste of Africa Puts Spotlight on African Cuisine and Culture

While many Americans are eager to try foods from different parts of the world, their culinary exploration often falls short of the African coastline, which serves as impetus behind Mola Foods’ ongoing Taste of Africa. “My hope is to inspire people to reconsider what they may think about African food and culture, which is diverse and not what is portrayed in popular media,” said Mola Foods Founder LaFortune Jeannette Djabea.

A native of Cameroon, Djabea held her first Taste of Africa event at Mola Foods in Nashua on Friday, April 22. Selling out in a matter of days, the event was “very successful.” “Everything went so well, and people seemed to really enjoy the food and atmosphere,” she said. “I’m so grateful for the interest people are starting to show in African cuisine and culture. It means so much to me.”

“My hope is to inspire people to reconsider what they may think about African food and culture.”

LaFortune Jeannette Djabea

Noting a second Taste of Africa will take place on Friday, May 6, Djabea said her plan is to host them on a semi-regular basis throughout spring and summer. “Our events are fun, lively, and meant to delight and surprise people,” she said. “If you want to enjoy some wonderful food and learn a little bit about Africa, join us.”

At Taste of Africa events, which often feature live music, guests are served meat and vegan dishes from different parts of Africa and wine from Averill House Vineyard in Brookline, NH. Taste of Africa (part two) takes place 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, May 6 at Mola Foods, a vibrantly colored space with seating limited to 28 for special events. Tickets for Taste of Africa (part two) are $40 per person. To purchase tickets, click here.

Located at 9 Simon St., Nashua, Mola Foods features dine-in and takeout service along with a meal plan and a digital storefront with many of its products available at area retail outlets.