Cameroon Traditional Food

Cameroon cuisine is refined cuisine thanks to the use of spice blends that create the most epic meals. Cameroon has a mix of a diverse ethnic and cultural groups that gives placed to a versatile dishes. Cameroon cuisine is influenced by Portuguese, French and German; however Cameroon has remain true to tradition by continuing to provide a rich culture center traditional food.

Among Cameroonian specialties are:

  • Fufu corn and njama njama (huckleberry leaves)
  • Brochettes, known locally as soya (a kind of barbecued kebab made from chicken, beef, or goat)
  • Sangah (a mixture of maize, cassava leaf, and palm nut juice)
  • Mbanga soup and kwacoco
  • Eru and water fufu
  • Ndol√© (a spicy stew containing bitterleaf greens, meat, shrimp, pork rind, and peanut paste)
  • Koki (primarily consisting of blackeyed peas and red palm oil)
  • Achu or taro (cocoyam fufu with an orange/yellow red palm oil soup)
  • Mbongo tchobi (a spicy black soup made with native herbs and spices)
  • Egusi soup (ground pumpkin seeds often cooked with dark leafy greens or okra)
  • Kondreh (stewed unripe plantains with herbs and spices, usually cooked with goat meat)

Curries, soups and fish dishes abound, as well as meats on skewers.

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