Chili Relishes

Growing up in Cameroon, we made hot sauces packed with flavor. There isn’t a household in Cameroon that doesn’t use hot peppers. It is common practice to cook spicy food. When I came to the United States I realized that the liquid hot sauces here lacked the boldness I was used to. We decided to name our hot sauces relishes because of their paste-like consistency. Our relishes are made from Cameroonian ghost peppers that we purchase here in the United States from a Cameroonian native store. Using different traditional recipes, we  have modernized our relishes to accommodate the tastebuds of every individual around the world.

How to use our Relishes:

The relishes are universal. You can use them however you choose. There isn’t a best way of using them or any specific type of dish to use them on. You can cook with them or put them on your ready to eat food, take out or use them as a side or dip. It is your personal preference.