Culinary Scholarship

Mola Foods Culinary Scholarship Fund



 Culinary students struggle with student loans after graduation because of the mediocre salary that they will be getting when starting working at restaurants. Many of them are bound to default on student loans and for

this reason, Mola Foods is trying to help these students culinary dreams by providing them with a $500 scholarship to help pay for their culinary program. Each year through a culinary cook-off competition, a culinary student will be selected to receive the full scholarship while 3 others will receive other perks. Check back later for more details. In the meantime, I invite you to “Join the Culture in a Bottle Movement Today!” Donate to our cause so we can help more than one student.

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Meet our August 2021 Culinary Scholarship Winner Princess Peijah Butler

For our first ever Culinary Scholarship.

Meet our August 2020 Culinary Scholarship Winner

Zoe Delay