Cameroonian Inspired Blend

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Growing up in Cameroon, I used to see people line up in the street to purchase soya ( braised beef, lamb and pork) and come back for more. They were addicted to the meat and for the life of me I could not understand why. One day I decided to ask one of them what they used on their meat. They were able to tell me, only in part. No one really shares their secret recipe but knowing already mostly what went in the spices, my best friend and I decided to work on it together and bring this unique taste here to the United States and share that culture with everyone.

The Cameroonian Inspired blend is a mixture of spices that constitute a small portion of the many Cameroonian versatile traditions in a bottle. For lovers of braised meat, enjoy this blend as it brings out the meat flavor and the taste to another dimension. Good on meats as well as meatless dishes and vegetables

Facts: This seasoning will make the tastiest barbecue for barbecue lovers and add a nice flavor to your stews, tomato sauce recipes or vegetable dishes.


Onion, white pepper, garlic, paprika, ginger, cayenne, sea salt, cumin.

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