Chai Powder Blend

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Chai means “the tea” in Hindi and it is a combination of spices in India always mixed with black tea. Caffeine is not something that most people relish in so it is always a good idea to have a
caffeine-free beverage that is healthy, yet tasty. Try our chai with your choice of milk. Add ice or simply drink hot and indulge yourself with this tea full of health benefits and no added sugar.

Preparing: Scoop one TBSP of the blend, mix in 1 cup of milk of your choice and bring to a low boil; add maple syrup to taste, whisk to dissolve the powder; Strain the mixture to a pot. For an iced chai, after bringing to a boil and straining, pour the mixture in a glass full of ice serve and enjoy. 

You can use a milk froth or use a thermos to shake the mixture to blend the powder with the milk.

You could also just blend the mixture on a low setting.

*If you want sweet, add maple syrup to taste. If drinking cold remember to mix it up hot with added Maple syrup before transferring to ice*

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