Mola Tasting

Mola Foods is launching a new tasting menu, custom-made by a professional chef, to expose additional customers to our brand. We want to showcase some of the delicious ways our products are used to make everyday ingredients more exciting. The tasting program has 2 goals: 


1. Reveal which products appeal to your taste for experimentation at home 

2. Assist with selection of meals for future orders


The program is virtual. You can view the menu here

Tasting Program packages:

Mola Foods tasting room includes non-member options or a choice between two membership packages: 

Packages for non-members


Tasting (no leftover packaging provided) $18/person 


Tasting with leftover packaging provided $20.50/person


$75/month membership includes:

  • Tastings/week OR 8 Tastings over the entire month 

  •  Does not include products


Tasting + your choice of seasoning to take home $25.00/person


$125/month membership includes:

  • 8 – Tastings per month 

  •  4 – Seasonings per month 


Perks of Membership (for both packages); 

  1. Leftover packaging provided for every tasting 

  2. Small bite sampling from smaller portioned dishes from various cuisine

  3. Priority tasting and service 

  4. VIP invitations to tasting events 

  5. Review trial samples and premier new products

Future events see below:

Check here for future events

Want to Host an event? Click here

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