MOLA Foods makes it easy! "Moroccan Spiced Salmon" with Tandoori Rice and Green Beans!! Another amazing product from MOLA Foods that uses authentic ancient African tribal recipes. Their "Moroccan" Inspired Blend is a mouth-watering seasoning blend that contains: granulated garlic, sea salt, ground nutmeg, ground coriander, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, sugar (vegan), cayenne, cumin, black pepper, turmeric, paprika, allspice, chili powder, ground lavender, cardamon, ground cloves, fenegreek, and ground fennel. Highly recommended!~Bill Moore

J adore!Les epices Mola Foods aromatise n importe quel plat de nouriture. Mola Foods seasoning brings out the best out of your food. I'm utterly impressed. ~Celarie

I couldn’t believe I had never heard of Mola Foods,Inc Never knew Chili could be transformed to a relish. I love the flavors~ Abby

Wow a  hot sauce Relish that is indeed original. I’ll definitely be shopping with Mola Foods,Inc  soon." ~Sarah

Hey, so I’m finally eating some of your amazing fire sauce (as I will now refer to it!) Boy I’m glad that I only started with a small amount! It’s great!! Thanks Mola Foods!!" ~Sandy

I'm excited about this seasoning! I can't wait to purchase a few of these Mola seasonings to put in my collection ! Mola seasoning made my dishes taste extra flavorful! yum~ Tamara

"All purpose seasoning: I highly recommend it!!! I found the taste to be a delicious blend of an earthy healthy taste without being over powering. I plan on using it as a new part of my meal preparation and I look forward to trying it on meat and fish in the very near future." bringing so much joy to my plates . ” ~Steve

"Got my Mola seasoning in the mail yesterday! Couldn't wait to open the package and try it! I happened to be cooking ground beef so I added my Mola seasoning to it, it was magical! I am not much into eating beef but this time was different. I added my Mola seasoning to my salmon today, MAGICAL thank you Mola food"~ Nadia

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