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All these things help you reach your weight loss goal.

Keep a positive mindset throughout. Positive affirmations are a must. Check your welcome bag for a few positive affirmation cards to assist you throughout the day.

Supporting You On Your Weight Loss Journey.


Coming November 26th.

 We would suggest the following steps, to help in your weight loss journey.


Step one:

One 30 minute session with a health coach. During this session, they will walk you through the importance of supporting your digestive system and how to achieve results.

Step Two:

Time to select a tailored meal plan, which is a step closer to your goal weight.

Step Three:

We suggest you set aside time each week to exercise.  Doing all these steps will help you on your weight loss journey.

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What’s Next?

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and Wellness Coaching
Meet your Health and Wellness Coach
Chef Tiffany Lewis


Chef Tiffany has been teaching adults and teens the fundamentals of cooking and nutrition for the last 10 years. She holds an Associates in Culinary, a Bachelors’s in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and a Master’s in Hospitality. Her passion lies in nutrition which led her to work on her Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition which is in progress.
As the owner of Chwazi Longe, LLC (DBA Be Chewsy), Chef Tiffany, through Be Chewsy works to Inspire, Educate and Support your health and wellness goals. In partnership with you and while leading by example, Chef Tiffany will facilitate your inspiration to navigate to a better you.  Furthermore, she will be educating you about the pros and cons of dieting, introducing new habits, teaching techniques, and creating strategies. The support you get will be in the form of mentorship and encouragement so you are learning and growing every step of the way.
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