Our story

Meet Jeannette Bryant and Tiffany Henderson the founders of Mola Foods, Inc.Two Best Friends changing your fear of African cuisine. They offer spice blends and chili relishes inspired by exotic locations and exciting cooking styles like Morocco, Ethiopia, India and more. “We hope to create awareness about a revolutionary way of adding spices into cooking and bringing life to dishes,” Bryant said.
Mola Foods, Inc. started when a friend approached me, Jeannette Bryant, with the idea to start a chili sauce company with Cameroonian chilies. At the time I found the idea silly. But later I started to entertain it and with that came the birth of our Chili Relishes. I reached out to my best friend Tiffany and pitched the idea to her as me wanting to build a platform for people who love trying different types of food and creating condiments. Not knowing that this has been my best friend’s dream, she stayed silent on the other end of the phone then said she would like nothing but to venture with me in adding depth into flavors with ancient recipes from around the world. From there our adventure began. A few months into launching our products, we got so many orders from France that my Aunt Berthe decided to become an acting investor in the company to help with its expansion in France. With her help we are now ready to move in full force in France. The main purpose is to introduce the flavors of culture and cuisine to the next generation by making Mola Foods the new kitchen staple.

We use only the best ingredients in our products.

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